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Release Info
Artist: Digital
Title: Africa
Label: Tempo Records
Catnumber: Tempo1205
EAN: 8718723045148
Releasedate vinyl: November 17th 2014
Releasedate digital: January 2015
Mastering: Stuart Hawkes @ Metropolis Mastering
Distributed by: Clone Distribution
Formats: 140 gramm 12″ Clear Vinyl & Digital & Streaming
Tempo Records is proud to announce & release three brand new tracks by Digital. He has been releasing records since the early nineties on labels such as Metalheadz, Reinforced Recordings, Timeless Recordings, Creative Source, Photek Productions, Function, and many more. As well as solo releases under various names (such as S.O.S. & Natural Mystic), he also has recorded with Spirit under their monniker: Phantom Audio.

Tempo Records picked three of Digital’s latest creations, “Logged In” is all about spacefunk, deep bleep-ish atmospheres with a nod to Detroit Techno combined with a harsh rolling Amen drum. “Africa” combines Reggae influences with deep subs, “Fire” might be Digital’s most minimal production to date but don’t be fooled by it’s deep rhythm structure and intricate drum programming.

This release comes with a mp3 download voucher, all tracks mastered by Stuart Hawkes of Metropolis mastering London, limited 140g clear vinyl pressing with full artwork sleeve + yellow/brown Gustav Wasa innersleeve + a free poster/inlay:


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A. Logged In
AA1. Africa
AA2. Fire


Early Support
Randall, Bryan G, Doc Scott, DJ Krust, Laurent Garnier, DJ Storm, A-Sides, London Elektricity, Om Unit, Fracture, El Hornet, DJ Flight, Bailey, Nymfo, Phil Source, Ant TC1, Response, Gremlinz, Clive, DJ Trax, ArpXP, Nucleus, SB81, Eveson, Voyager, Ena, Trei, DJ Tendai, DJ Monita, Chroma, Ruffhouse, Soul Intent, Ricky Force, Fanu, Chromatic, Chris Su, Tim Cant, Alley Cat, G.H.O.S.T., …


Early Feedback
Randall (MacII Recordings): “Nice one brother!”
Bryan G (V Recordings): “Africa being my fav, love Logged In as well, thanks guys”!
Doc Scott (Thirty One Recordings): “Really good EP, like all 3 tracks, will be plating Logged In and Africa!””
DJ Krust (V Recordings) “Always pushing way beyond most. I’m a big fan”
Laurent Garnier (It Is What It is) “Brilliant stuff, thanks a lot, a bientot”
London Elektricity (Hospital Records) “thanks”!
DJ Storm (Metalheadz) “Awesome”
Om Unit (Metalheadz) “thanks man, i’ll check them”!
Fracture (Metalheadz) “Thanks”
ArpXP (Metalheadz) “Classics, love both tracks.”
SB81 (Metalheadz) “Thanks a lot for these, it’s much appreciated and it’s a wicked 12″, strong tracks”
Phil Source (Vampire) “Yeah, Nice One”!
A-Sides (East Sides Rec) “Steve always comes correct. Deepest vibes!”
El Hornet (Pendulum) “will support, thanks”
Ant TC1 (Dispatch) “Nice one, good tunes!”
Nymfo (Commercial Suicide) “Good to see Digital is coming back”
DJ Flight (Rinse FM) “Thanks”
Clive (Ingredients Rec) “‘Logged In’ takes me back to 1993, awesome stuff”
Gremlinz (31 Records, Samurai Music) “Logged In is the tune”!
Trei (Commercial Suicide) “Wicked! Thanks guys!
Chromatic “Really like Logged In, in the bag for gigs :)”
Eveson (V Recordings) “Sickness”!
Soul Intent (Commercial Suicide) “lovely stuff, thanks man!”
Response (Fresh ’86) “A fantastic 12″ from Digital, Logged In is a personal favourite”!
Ruffhouse (Ingredients Rec) “sounding wicked. good to see digital back”
Ricky Force (Pressin’ Hard, Criterion) “Much appreciated”
DJ Trax (Moving Shadow) “Sounding F F F Fresh!”
Nucleus (Reinforced, Metalheadz) “Great release, great label”!
Voyager (R&S, Goodlooking) “Nice one :-)”
Chris Su (DSCI4) “Brilliant Stuff”
DJ Tendai (Swerve) “Logged In is the one for me”
Monita (Skeleton Recordings) “Thank you for this….the vinyl looks wicked, ‘Logged In’……BOOOOOM!!!!!Big track!”
Ena (Samurai Horo) “truly drum&bass this is what I wanted to hear.”
Fanu (Lightless Recordings) “Africa and Fire are badass! Gotta love Digital!”
Alley Cat (ESP, Kokeshi) “I’ve been listening to this on repeat for over an hour while I’m working. Steve’s the man!”
Tim Cant (Phuzion, Influenza) “With this EP Digital has created three intricately woven DnB dreamscapes that fluctuate between bleak and bountiful, and showcase his trademark rhythmic workouts with a musical sensibility that recalls his early work on Timeless. An essential release for fans of authentic underground drum & bass. Superb EP, I will definitely include Logged In in my next mix, right up my alley”!!!



Radio & Interviews & Reviews & Blogs
DJ Flight (Rinse FM, Play:Musik)
J:Kenzo (Rinse FM) “Feeling this EP, every track is quality”
DJ Bailey (Intanatty radioshow)
G.H.O.S.T. (RudeFM)
Tom Ravenscroft (BBC Radio 6) 09-01-2015

B.Traits (BBC Radio)
Kred (Origin FM) “loving This”
Spectrum (RTE Radio Dublin) Listen “Massive release , been a fan of Digital since the start the man can do no wrong”
Harper (Radio 4, Poland) “Killer new tunes from man like Digital, good to see him working with Tempo”
Howitzer (Livity FM / Filth FM / Liquid FM) “Badman Ting”

Drum And Bass Arena

Knowledge Magazine: Tempo Records drops 3 fantastic tracks from the legendary Digital.
Hearing reports of Digital smashing his gigs this summer, I was excited to see a trio of new beats from the man himself in my inbox.

“Africa” doesn’t mess around, as it’s dirty, metallic drums are the perfect foundation to the signature Digital sound. Modern dub for the warehouse set. Cleaning things up a bit with “Fire”, the beats and percussion push and pull the listener toward the sporadic percussion and occasional amen turnaround. Classy, dubwise stuff from the don of the minimal rinse out. “Logged In” is an amen workout of the highest order, and feels like an homage to the classic Metalheads/Reinforced sound. Solid, cohesive stuff from one of the kings of the jungle.
Kmag Source

NME Magazine: “Logged in got all ingredients needed to mash up the floor: Atmospheric and tearing, melancholic while hard hitting. I love Digital and that ́s why! Rugged and beautiful

Ray Pocket Magazine: “”Logged in is very nice. Simple, straight and good…”
Digital_Africa_Tempo1205_Review_Pocket magazine_Germany

DJ Mag (Spain) “Serious Jungle Sound”

Mixmag UK: (Digital top 10 coming up)

Do Androids Dance (Khal) “Africa” might be one of the toughest Digital bits i’ve heard in a bit”.
Ninja Ninja: “Tempo Records picked three of Digital’s latest creations, “Logged In” is all about spacefunk, deep bleep-ish atmospheres with a nod to Detroit Techno combined with a harsh rolling Amen drum. “Africa” combines Reggae influences with deep subs, “Fire” might be Digital’s most minimal production to date but don’t be fooled by it’s deep rhythm structure and intricate drum programming”.
Shadow Boxing: “Digital and his dub-sided drum & bass have done it again”.

Chain D.L.K. :”Hot on the heels of the recent coming back of Pete “Voyager” Parsons, Dutch dj and producer Fusion, label owner of Tempo Records, encouraged the return of another influential and groundbreaking producer, Ipswich-based producer Steve Carr aka Digital, who recently appeared on a nice tidbit from Metalheadz after a relatively long period of likewise relative silence. MY favorite track of these three Amen bullets is “Africa”, the first on AA side, as he wisely managed to adorn Amen break by a warm dub bassline and Afro-electro pinches, but the same side shines for “Fire”, the most “minimal” track I’ve ever heard from this producer. Both of these tracks feature amazing dynamics as well as an evocative subtle sense of anxiety, while “Logged In”, the little computational pearl on A side is likewise unusual as besides some hooks to old-fashioned jungle sonorities, Digital inoculates a slithering bleeping sequence and atmospheric sci-fi pads, which seems to launch Amen break into deep space as if it is a sort of an S.O.S. message in the bottle related to a zombie invasion on Earth that some close-to-the-divine entities would hopefully receive and take in consideration.”



DJ Digital Mix, October 2014 by Damian B on Mixcloud




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