Diffusion at Bootleg 27/11/2008


November 27-11-2008

20.00-21.00 Noble (Jungletrain, Diffusion)
21.00-22.00 Drum Origins (Fokuz Recordings)
22.00-23.00 MSC (Subtronics)
23.00-00.00 Flat Mike (DnB Forum)
00.00-01.00 Scarr (Fever)
01.00-03.00 Fusion (Tempo, Diffusion)
03.00-06.00 Denny D (Diffusion)

Artist info
Drum Origins
Dutch producer and dj, Drum Origins is know for his releases on his label Fokuz Recordings. Mainly focussing on Intelligent and liquid productions. Tonight he will play one of his deepest dnb sets with loads of new Fokuz material! Fokuz Recordings Myspace

Well known for his quality dnb sets on their own Subtronic nights and have played on numerous dutch dnb events in the country, Subtronics have been known for their eclectic program wich resulted in artist bookings such as: Doc Scott, LTJ Bukem, Marcus Intalex, Calibre and many more! Expect some razor sharp mixing from this quality dj.

Flat Mike
This man is all about no more words but just music so check his mix below and for more info check Flat Mike’s Myspace
Flat Mike | Mix

One of our favourite dutch dnb dj’s agina back on Diffusion!
Scarr was first taught how to mix back in the late 80’s by his older cousin who played Disco and Soul. In 1993 he bought his own decks and started collecting House records. His initial enthusiasm for mixing slowly ebbed away as Scarr became frustrated with the limitations of House music. This changed when he heard the 1995 LTJ Bukem mix: “Fantazia Takes You Into The Jungle”. Scarr became hooked on Drum & Bass and again began feverishly collecting records. After gaining some experience playing at his friends’ parties, he soon started promoting his own “Urban Jungle” nights in 2000 at De Hoeve in his hometown Hoofddorp.

Not long after that, Scarr was asked to join Blazin’ Beats and became a resident DJ. Between 2001 and 2005 Blazin Beats promoted nights in De Hoeve (Hoofddorp) and P60 (Amstelveen), as well as the Artquake festival in Hoofddorp.
During his time with Blazin’ Beats Scarr increased his profile and was invited to play at major Drum & Bass nights across The Netherlands, as well as festivals such as Artquake and Mysteryland.
Recently, Scarr has joined forces with Lenzman & Dan Stezo to form Asylum. Sharing the same passion for the soulful side of Drum & Bass, the Asylum artists go out of their way to provide a musical shelter in a scene dominated by dark and relentless Drum & Bass. Today Scarr joined forces with Lenzman & MC Dan Stezo to form the Fever crew, expect some uplifting musical DnB by this quality dj!
Check Fever Website + Fever Myspace