Ulterior Motive | The Fourth Wall Album | Metalheadz | MetaLP004 | ID443

Ulterior Motive | The Fourth Wall Album | Metalheadz | MetaLP004 | ID443


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The debut album arrives with a confidence and personality previously unseen from the pair. Under the tutelage of Goldie, the duo has delivered a long player that proudly wears its influence on its sleeve. The first thing that hits you about the album is its unmistakeable energy, It’s the type of energy the UK has excelled at within dance music and the excitement is clearly palpable on this project.
A. Sideways
Sideways is full on funk which can be an often forgotten element these days. The track harks back to the earlier Ulterior Motive sound, It’s to fun to listen and no doubt was a lot of to make. Skittering drums play alongside imaginative samples to keep exciting through-out its course.
B. INTA-National
Built around a dancehall war cry this track is the fearless two fingers up moment from the album, grotty midrange bass and stepping drums are the order, It’s a straight up and down dancefloor smasher.
C. Short Circuit
How best to describe this track in a nutshell? Off-kilter robot party is the answer. Midrange, FX and drums that shouldn’t work together but in fact do, very very well. The breakdown is perfect, instant images of a robot factory coming to life that lead straight back into stomping mayhem.
D. Keep It Moving
Jungle, but not in the traditional sense of the word. This is jungle music in it’s attitude, in it’s programming, the call to arms vocals. The track contains perhaps the most intricate programming from Ulterior Motive yet.
E. Open Up
One thing that becomes very apparent when listening to this album is the work the pair have put into the drums and percussion, the energy on display in Open Up is second to none and as a result the bass and FX just nestle in perfectly with proceedings.
F. Longshot
Frenetic at 100mph Longshot is all about the pace, tight snare’s roll out with drum fills for turnarounds, it’s a great DJ tool in that it rolls perfectly.Bass stabs become the hook of the track and create a undeniable rhythm.

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