Ulterior Motive | M.I.R. | Metalheadz Records | Meta018 | ID 360

Ulterior Motive | M.I.R. | Metalheadz Records | Meta018 | ID 360


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The two minds from the south of the UK return with a 12” that shows all-the prowess that you would expect from the pairing, an original track and much requested for the VIPs only fusing of previous works by Ulterior Motive.
* M.I.R.
Reminiscent of the other great techno influenced pairing Kemal & Rob Data. M.I.R stands for Make It Roll and so it does…Paranoia, tech and funk in one track. It’s a great mixing tune that is bursting with energy and Ulterior Motive’s trademark stabs, pulses and mid-range acrobatics keep the energy very high throughout.
* Given Contact
In the great tradition of track fusions within our side of DNB Ulterior Motive give us the AA, a fusing of a previous massive release for Metalheadz – Lost Contact and Forgiven. The track was made as a VIP for the summer festival season just passed, given to only the closest of crew members and as expected caused earthquakes on first airings at Outlook and Sun n Bass to mention a few.

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