Photek | Shape Charge (Two) | Photek Productions | PPRO19V | ID276

Photek | Shape Charge (Two) | Photek Productions | PPRO19V | ID276


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After the vinyl release of Pyramid, a second carefully chosen track from Photek’s KU:PALM album is now available on wax. The Metalheadz-y strings and nervous energy of Shape Charge hark back to Photek’s minimalist doom jungle of the mid 90’s, yet the stomping drum programming and dizzily phasing synths show Photek with his feet firmly in the 21st century. Arguably the biggest track from KU:PALM, Pyramid receives a remix here from London’s Mr Beatnick on the AA side. His remix of Pyramid launches the track into even spacier territory, with the addition of his own cosmic acid bassline and sultry 4×4 groove. In 2013 Mr Beatnick looks set to finally get the props he deserves.

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