Artificial Intelligence | Dillirious | Metalheadz | Meta009 | ID281

Artificial Intelligence | Dillirious | Metalheadz | Meta009 | ID281


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Dillirious is a clear platinum slab of greatness featuring the perfect measure of all of those essential and integral elements required to smash dancefloors into lots of tiny pieces, this is definitely one for the speaker stack soldiers and main floor marauders – eyes front, head down, early morning stomping time for the true headz.
What You Had Featuring Steo switches up the focus from darker mood to melody with the reverbed vox of Steo injecting a healthy measure of emotional narrative to AI’s backdrop of inter winding swells of pads and bass.

Yet again Metalheadz deliver another outstanding outing of sheer Drum and Bass brilliance adding yet another definitive release to their unrivalled catalogue of Drum and Bass future history.

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