Klute | Read Between The Lines | Commercial Suicide | SuicideLP018 | ID856

Klute | Read Between The Lines | Commercial Suicide | SuicideLP018 | ID856


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Tom Withers fiiiiinally returns with his 8th Klute album entitled “Read Between The Lines”.

Written in a stone hut on the Shetland Islands over the course of 2016, Klute, AKA Tom Withers soon realised he would need more than a bongo and a Ukulele to bring his vision to fruition.

As is tradition with every Klute album, the music does not stop at Drum & Bass. Klute’s love affair with a vast array of influences shine through every note and beat. Elements of Techno, Film Soundtracks, Library, Shoegaze, Experimental Jazz, 60’s psychedelia and Ambient soundscapes are scattered across this entire work.

Drumming is at the core of Klute’s artistry, having nagged his Mum to buy him a drum set at the age of 12 (she finally relented believing it would be broken and ignored within weeks).
Tom’s superlative poly rhythms and deeply melancholic melodies are central to this 15 track set. Aided along the way by Stamina MC, Robert Manos & hotly tipped new comer Naomi Pryor on vocal duties adding to what is already being seen as one of Klute’s best albums yet.

“My main objective was to make a record that was equally exciting to listen to both loudly and quietly – equal parts physical and mental.

The title “Read Between The Lines” is an urging to look beyond the face value, not just in my own music, but with everything you experience in life. This album will grown with you the more you listen and experience it. The surface layers will reveal all manor of underlying textures and feelings. Im immensely proud of this work and I really believe people will enjoy it.”

Some online soundclips of the album (more following soon)!

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