Jubei | The Moment Ft Flowdan | Metalheadz | MetaLPLTD001 | ID314

Jubei | The Moment Ft Flowdan | Metalheadz | MetaLPLTD001 | ID314


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As the build up to the ever impending release of Jubei’s To Have and Have Not Album continues we tease even further with this ultra limited release of this 10” hand stamped, hand signed and hand numbered vinyl release including two of the (many) stunning highlight tracks taken from the L.P.

The Moment picks up exactly where Jubei and Flowdan’s gargantuan anthem Say Nothing left of. The result once again prove that In combination the pair are nothing short of explosive, the release should carry a health warning, devastation is 100 percent guaranteed here, no prisoners will be spared and every dancefloor will be left in millions of tiny pieces as once again Jubei and Flowdan deliver their collaborative brutal genius.

As if that wasn’t enough the flip backs up with Tip the Scales featuring everyone’s favourite Manchester Marcus Intalex & MC DRS. Tip the Scales reaches into the deepest, darkest depths, providing that late rolling shuffle to keep the headz nodding and the people moving, the perfect compliment to the A side and again another snapshot of the overall brilliance of the entire albums excellence.

Finishing off everything nicely and to compliment the outstanding quality of the contents we are issuing the release in a very very limited number of exclusive 10” Vinyl press which are all individually numbered, signed and hand stamped by Jubei himself, by the time you have finished reading these notes they will be disappearing rapidly, so move quick, these definitely wont hang around for long.

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