Klute | Fabriclive x Metalheadz Mix | 2015

Klute’s taste and the man’s command of intricate, rowdy and yet still quite slinky drum & bass music has long had him up on the underground pedestal. His Commercial Suicide label, as the name suggests, takes risks on releasing music for (and by) people who appreciate the finer workings of face paced, jungle influenced soundsystem music. But that doesn’t mean that what he makes, releases and plays is necessarily a combination of any of those things. And whilst I appreciate that there’s a sense of sweeping disregard in that last statement, there was definitely meant to be – Klute’s consistently remained relevant by being resolute, sticking to his guns and working with music he believes in.

That concentrated focus is undoubtedly one thing he shares with a lot of people who run a lot of record labels – or run their own operations for the upkeep of their own sanity – but when you think about the legacy of drum & bass, which is by design quite a young genre, there’s a real synergy between Klute’s operation and that of Goldie’s Metalheadz label. Fastidious and committed to the advancement of their chosen form of music, the two parties feel like they were made for each other; which is why we’re stoked to welcome Klute to the next Metalheadz takeover of Room One on May 1st 2015. His appearance on that lineup really does tick a whole lot of d&b boxes, so we reached out and asked him if he wanted to do something to mark the occasion.