Zero T | Golden Section pt.2 | Dispatch Rec | DisZTLP0012 | ID613

Zero T | Golden Section pt.2 | Dispatch Rec | DisZTLP0012 | ID613


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* A purveyor of the spectrum’s deeper end, re-known for an ever quality output, we’re pleased to present the 2nd album from Zero T, entitled ‘Golden Section’, coming on Dispatch this Autumn.

* Taking its name from a classical mathematic formula (illustrated on the album’s artwork), Zero T explores the science and maths behind beauty; the factors and stimuli that govern our perception of balance, harmony and beauty in nature, art, architecture and composition.

* Exploring intrinsic reactions to music and how discerning elements can balance against one another, Zero T ventures into the senses across the album; from the mesmerising nostalgia of ‘Macushla’ and dubbed out roller ‘Everything Must Change’, to dancefloor poised punishers ‘Good For Nothing’ and ‘Wolf Tone’.

* Each featuring 3 specially selected tracks from the album, parts 1 and 2 are split between elegantly arranged solo jaunts, such as ‘Late Nite Movies’ and more technically focused collaborations. Linking up with Fierce on the unrelenting, yet, mischievously sampled ‘Cross It’, Zero T also joins fellow Dubliner Beta 2, with two industrial workouts, including harsh stomper, yet groove driven ‘Cairo’.

*Utilizing the technical apparatus to investigate a long adopted term, Zero T carefully maps out the indices to deliver a classic, all-encompassing long player that evokes the senses in numerous ways.

Vinyl tracklist:

a) Everything Must Change, b1) Good For Nothing, b2) Cairo (ft. Beta 2)


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