The Truper (Photek) | Street Beats vol.3 | Street Beats | VDL9 | ID233

The Truper (Photek) | Street Beats vol.3 | Street Beats | VDL9 | ID233


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Part three of a three 10″ ultra rare Street Beats release by Rupert Parkes (aka Photek), under the ‘Truper’ alias. Truper is an anagram of Rupert..This is the last part and probably the darkest so far. The A-side intro starts with militant light breaks, smooth bongo percussion, deep building dark atmospheres wich ends in a small break that created loads of tension so far until it’s scary “Hello Is anyone here” female vocal sample (probably taken from some horror / sci-fi movie) unleashes the largest of Amen drops so far shown by mr Rupert. It is this HUGE amen workout accompanied with deep technoid soundfx that moves the heads and feet on any dancefloor, this is the next chapter in Amen beats programming which probably did not take that much time considering Photek’s craftsmanship from his experience on early System X productions on the 3rd Eye label. The B side is much lighter with it’s warm but industrial Detroit Techno sounds (probably inspired by from Detroit’s finest producer Juan Atkin/ Model 500) Warm space synth pads accompanied with deep minimal sub layers and razor sharp beats which takes you on a deep journey into space Odyssey! In our (humble) opinion definitely one of Rupert’s best production, just timeless music that has put Photek firmly on the A list of DNB producers, even today he can be considered as one of DNB pioneers along Grooverider, Fabio, Goldie, Doc Scott.

Record condition:
Vinyl comes in Near Mint condition, and with original plain white 10″ sleeve in Near Mint condition.

A. Vol. 3 side A

B. Vol. 3 side B

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