The Truper (Photek) | Street Beats vol.1 | Street Beats | SVDL07 | ID231

The Truper (Photek) | Street Beats vol.1 | Street Beats | SVDL07 | ID231


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Part one of a three 10″ ultra rare Street Beats release by Rupert Parkes (aka Photek), under the ‘Truper’ alias. Truper is an anagram of Rupert..Part one is the deepest, most intelligent and thought-out pieces of Drum n bass/breakbeat/Jungle tracks we have ever heard from mr. Photek. Nice kicks with delays to begin with, woven into a quite mysterious sounding sample that evokes a lots of moods and then the drums drop in with an ‘ah oh oow’ female voice and then the snares shivers with a melodic b line that creates a buzz! The track fades into a world of undersea samples with futuristic fx bleeps in the background. The snares return and the track takes another deep tangent into your mind. Pure bliss!
The same can almost be said for B side – again a well thought out piece that twists and turns and retains the complexity and ballerina-type dexterity as on the A side.

Record condition:
Vinyl comes in Near Mint, and comes with a plain white 10″ sleeve in Near mint condition.

A. Vol 1 Side A

B. Vol 1 Side B

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