Studio Pressure aka Photek | Relics | Certificate 18 | CERT1808 | ID243

Studio Pressure aka Photek | Relics | Certificate 18 | CERT1808 | ID243


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The Studio Pressure aka Photek classic on Certificate 18. Relics could easily be renamed as The Moodswing Tune because of it’s different musical phases; starting mellow with a hypnotizing looping Bell intro, smoothly adding some hi-fi woodblocks, techno hi-hats and strings and not forgetting very simple, but oh so, effective warm bass stabs until dropping in some smoothly chopped Amen beats. By only adding a deep jazzy saxophone(sample?)in the short break and some additional light beats and changing the patterns of course it makes this track as mesmerizing and seductive as it can be with Intelligent Drum and Bass. It seems Rupert did not put much effort in this track (at least it sounds like that in a good way)! With his minimal approach of editing studio crafted sounds and getting the job done on different layering of the bass and getting the drum patterns just perfect he created a luscious and hypnotizing atmosphere throughout this original track. I wondered how many times Bukem & Fabio played this track in clubs around the globe, i even heard it on some Bukem studio mixtape so grab a piece of history as this timeless piece of art is also suitable for homelistening and also recommended for every electronic music fan! That’s why Plaid of Warp fame and Digital of Timeless Records got the hard job to make the remixes which sounds nice but it’s this track that created a whole new type of genre and could be considered as groundbreaking, it’s just a classic piece of music made by Rupert Parkes aka Photek and released by Paul Arnold (Cert18). Must have for any serious Intelligent/ Liquid dj and electronic music fan!

Record condition:
Vinyl comes in Near Mint condition, and original cert18 sleeve in Near Mint condition.

A. Relics

AA. Presha III

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