Seba | Jungle Music | Secret Operations | Secops024 | ID639

Seba | Jungle Music | Secret Operations | Secops024 | ID639


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Ikea is probably Sweden’s largest export “product” but on a 2nd place it’s definitely Seba with his wicked Jungle music!

There’s just something about maniacal, time-stretched breaks and foundation-shaking, 808 basslines that brings a smile to our faces and a skip to our steps.
Providing exactly what it says on the tin, ‘Jungle Music’ offers militant drum-work and a low end that feels like it’s plummeting into oblivion, all wrapped up in an silky coat of faded pads and organic samples. The track pays homage to sounds of the mid-90s, but maintains a tight, modern edge. As we’re told in a delay-soaked fashion at the very start, this is jungle…B-side will be ‘Cloudless’.(text/source: Data Transmissions)

Essential release, must have for any serious collector!

A. Jungle Music
AA. Cloudless

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