Seba | Identity pt.1 | Secret Operations | SECOPSLP001PT1 | ID223

Seba | Identity pt.1 | Secret Operations | SECOPSLP001PT1 | ID223


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After 16 years releasing on the most influential labels in Drum & Bass, label owner and musician Seba is proud to announce his first album release on Secret Operations, Identity. For over a year, Seba has been writing a follow up to his first album Return to forever, released in 2008. This was no easy task, as Seba believes an album must be consistent and reinforced by a clear artistic approach and direction. A single is easy, Seba wanted to create an album and not a compilation of singles. The album is designed to display Seba’s musical Identity and the mechanics of his inspiration, as well as showcasing the production skills and confident musicality, which has had him releasing music for 16 years. Seba’s Drum & Bass productions are heavily influenced By Techno, House and even elements of Alternative Rock. Identity shows you Seba’s ability to work in other genres of music as well as alongside talented vocalists. A listening experience, carefully designed for a listening audience as well as a nightclubbing crowd.

What a great way to open with the Identity track, a deep steppy ride into the abyss with it’s hypnotic male vocal and detroit techno strings. On the flipside Seba shows his more musical direction with Nothing Can Replace, a true inspiring summer vocal ride.

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