Scarr | Call It What You Want EP | Dispatch | Dis086 | ID452

Scarr | Call It What You Want EP | Dispatch | Dis086 | ID452


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We welcome SCAR back to Dispatch Recordings for their 2nd full release on the label entitled “Call It What You Want EP”

*Following their March debut with the “Call To Arms EP” and their recent Dispatch Dubplate contribution, SCAR have made their intentions clear this year with a penchant for vivid atmospherics set against continuously grueling undertones.

* Title track ‘Call It What You Want’ sets the EP off, possessing all the necessary elements for destruction across the release. Off-kilter technical assaults fuse together, whilst a radioactive low end pulsates the chest. It’s a brutal work of art from this talented London pairing.

* ‘Dank’ emerges from simple beginnings; stripped-back, yet effortlessly murky, before progressing at just the right pace throughout; exploring new phases along the journey that collude and accumulate within the core to form a deadly final result. This track was titled ‘3 drops’ in it’s early, work in progress stages and it’s clear to see why upon listening.

* Next up is ‘Twice Shy’, a track that has been championed and exclusively aired by DJ Hype on his Kiss FM show earlier in the year. Heading towards an impending doom, this track sets up a sense of emergency before the all-important drop lands swift and in devastating fashion.

* ‘Zero One’ ties up the release in a reflective manner, altering and developing throughout. From lush ambient openings, to mechanical bleeps and amen flashes, the track shapes itself gradually and effortlessly. It’s one that keeps you guessing on exactly which path the next switch might twist and turn the track down next.

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