Scar | So Suddenly | Metalheadz | MethPla016 | ID426

Scar | So Suddenly | Metalheadz | MethPla016 | ID426


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SCAR are back on Metalheadz with their first EP, after a very well received outing on Platinum Breakz Vol 4 it was only right the duo flexed their muscles with a full release for Headz- This time for esteemed sister label Metalheadz Platinum.
*So Suddenly
First up on this EP we have ‘So Suddenly’ From, the off you know this tune means business and it shows no signs of weakness, as the track moves into its drop you are put into classic SCAR territory- banging stepping drums and growling basslines
* The second track on the EP is ‘Ruby’ It’s got that classic Grooverider / Optical flavour nailed to a tee, a soldier step with subtle techno influenced midrange, the best we’ve heard this sound for a long time, the track is a pure roller, not letting up for one breath.
*Old Ground
* Track number three comes in the form of ‘Old Ground’ – much more focused on the energetic drums and eerie FX that lace the tune- great use of samples makes you question the message of the track itself, a very urgent affair is ‘Old Ground’ The track has gathered great momentum of late as it has been picked u[ by Goldie for his ‘Masterpiece’ compilation mix CD.

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