Quadrant | MicrosleEP | Dispatch | Dis085 | ID440

Quadrant | MicrosleEP | Dispatch | Dis085 | ID440


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* Seattle based Quadrant sets the bar high with his first Dispatch EP, entitled “The Microsleep EP”, otherwise known as “MicrosleEP” for short.

* Collaborating with different artists on each track, a distinctive Quadrant signature groove strikes the lower frequencies throughout the EP. With fellow collaborators Iris, Kid Hops, Cease, RoyGreen & Protone all bringing their own specialist touches to the mix, the EP resembles a mixing flask from a meddling scientist; collating individual resources and including all the intricate details and calculations to create a lethal strain at 170bpm and up!

* Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris lead the EP with title track, “Microsleep”, a dark insomniac that comfortably sweeps through a 4am dancefloor without hesitation. Their very first collaboration on Dispatch LTD “Convergence” receives the remix treatment too, as DLR & Ant TC1 join forces to “Re-Converge” on the original, masterfully tuning up the already malicious hub and re-igniting the drums into a new more stepping, switched-up take on a superb original from Seattle’s finest.

* Exclusively aired on BBC Radio 1Xtra, the momentous moans of “Genesis Wave” follow soon after, rolling ruthlessly and re-fueling at every break, before a cascading helix of sub-low pressure carries ice cold “Warsaw” into battle. To complete the EP, “Right Now” written alongside talented Austrian duo Roygreen & Protone delivers that final, lethal blow, as arcane musical elements curiously harmonise, only to contrast spectacularly with a pulsating bassline drop that almost blows the lids clean off the speakers.

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