Lenzman | My Tearz feat. Steo | Metalheadz | MetaLP003S | ID359

Lenzman | My Tearz feat. Steo | Metalheadz | MetaLP003S | ID359


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Across June 2014 Lenzman launches his album ‘Looking At The Stars’ on the seminal London-based imprint Metalheadz.
The debut album arrives with all the aplomb you would expect from the Dutch producer. The project concerns itself with all types of human soul- from introspection to confidence to doubt. If there was word you could put to it- it would be honesty. It’s certainly a refreshing outlook in this ‘fast-food’ landscape of modern music that surrounds us.
* The first two tracks we present to you are ‘Starz’ Ft Kevin King and ‘Paper Faces’ Ft Martyna Baker.
It’s testament to the talents of producer and vocalists that the tracks work so well, the creative relationship between Lenzman and the pair is untouchable on these tracks.
* ‘My Tearz feat Steo’
Steo may well be one of the best singers we have in the game right now. His falsetto glides over rugged plains on My Tearz. His range is wide and the level of soul he brings to a track is unmatched. The beat is a slight departure for Lenzman in that beauty is put on the shelf and grimy is the order of the day with midrange bass and stepping drums working out against Steo’s vocals.
* ‘Paper Faces Feat Martyna Baker’
Martyna has worked on music with Lenzman and Goldie previously to great results and this track is no different. ‘Paper faces’ is the seductive side of the album, It’s slightly more held back in its approach but just as confident in its execution. Martyna Baker graces the song with her unmistakeable range, showing great understanding of the nature of the piece.

Comes with a die cut outer sleeve and full colour printed inner sleeve.

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