Konrad Black | The Scorched Earth (Barac & dBridge Interpretations) | Meander016.5 | ID676

Konrad Black | The Scorched Earth (Barac & dBridge Interpretations) | Meander016.5 | ID676


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Fresh, genre bending interpretations from Barac (Romania) and dBridge (UK). 180 gram vinyl, initial copies with hand-made screen printed covers.
These two inspiring producers provide their modern touch to the contemporary dancefloor continuum: dBridge offers an up-to-date hybrid that straddles the line between techno and breakbeat, while Baracs extended mix is a deep and hypnotic journey through space.

dBridge represents a milestone when it comes to UK dance music. Being part of the legendary drum and bass group Bad Company in the late 90s, running his extensive label Exit Records, and regularly releasing on Boddikas Nonplus, Metalheadz, as well as R&S, he has gained an enviable reputation as a specialist with a modern take on techno and breakbeat variations.

Romanias up-and-coming Barac has released a double record on Rarehhs Metereze imprint among others, has recently launched his own platform with Moment, and is inarguably one of the top creative minds emerging from the vivid ourown / sunrise scene.

The selection of these particular producers is the result of Konrad Blacksimultaneously considering his past while embracing the future. His affinity for dBridgegoes back longer than a decade when Konrad was working for Virus Recordings in London, making dBridge an ideal conduit for the Drum and Bass aesthetic that still courses through both artists veins. Barac represents a new wave of artists whose music exists as a crystal ball depicting an ideal future for techno music on the whole. Together, these top talents present a pair of fresh interpretations of Blacks darkly aspirational release.


A. Konrad Black – Scorched Earth (dBridge Interpretation)

AA. Konrad Black – Scorched Earth (Barac Interpretation)

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