Kid Drama | Auto State of Mind | Convex Industries | CNVX005 | ID668

Kid Drama | Auto State of Mind | Convex Industries | CNVX005 | ID668


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2015 has been busy for producer Damon Kirkham, in the space of a year he as released singles as Kid Drama and Heart Drive (alongside dBridge) a solo album under the guise of “Mikarma” and also played a big role in two collaborative albums onExit Records “The Binary Collective” & “Module Eight” projects, and thats just within the “Autonomic” 170bpm bracket. For CNVX005 he returns as Kid Drama with“Auto State of Mind”.

The title track is a nod back to the beginnings of the Autonomic sound and his work as one half of “Instra:mental”, the signature Instra:mental drum work and lush strings and keys sit the track alongside Pacifc Heights and Sakura and is a must for anyone who followed the early works on Darkestral and Nonplus.
Mumble sees Drama collaborate with the mysterious “Hands Like Crime” again, this time recruiting him for vocals. The track rolls out with an 808 spine and detuned Moog square wave bass with lush Pink Floyd-esq vocals drifting over the top.

Again, another release from the man with a million aliases that will appeal to lovers of electronic music as a whole.

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