Grooverider | Mysteries Of Funk | Higher Ground | HIGH6LP | ID135

Grooverider | Mysteries Of Funk | Higher Ground | HIGH6LP | ID135


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Release info: Our particular favorite track on this LP is On The Double but Time & Space is also a very nice deep intelligent track, where as Rivers Of Congo with it’s sharp bongo percussion are one of Groove’s best tracks ever. The magnum opus of Grooverider and a giddy high point for Drum & Bass music showcasing the Seventies Afrofunk sound that Grooverider was so heavily influenced by. As the title suggests, a live double bass is plucked throughout in perfect percussive harmony with the warm muted drums, unhurried in tempo and providing a perfect lazy bed for the subdued brass and wind instruments interspersing throughout. The midway cadence, laced with subtle drum rolls, is deftly superseded by a new permutation of the double bass rhythm which rolls all the way to the end.

Co-Produced by Optical who seems to have really picked up on Grooverider’s vibe. Using his expertise in such masterful compression of the drums, the listener, on a good system, could almost be in the same room as the drummer and double bass player.

Record condition:
Vinyl comes in Near Mint condition and in original Near Mint 4LP box!

A1. Cybernetic Jazz (9:10)

B1. Rainbows Of Colour (8:22)

B2. Stay With Me (10:01)

B3. Rainbows Of Colour – Heavens Breath

C1. On The Double (4:01)

C2. 560 Degrees (5:40)

D1. C Funk (7:41)

D2. Rivers Of Congo (6:58)
E1. Where’s Jack The Ripper (8:07)

F1. Time & Space (7:11)

G1. Imagination (Parts 1 & 2) (8:25)

G2. Imagination (Part 3) (4:55)

H1. Starbase 23 (8:27)

H2. Fly With Me (1:56)

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