Friske | Speculate | Metalheadz | MethXX009 | ID411

Friske | Speculate | Metalheadz | MethXX009 | ID411


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METHXX’s resident hip hop aficionado gives us three tracks of 170bpm Metalheadz b-boy influenced rufige.
* Speculate
Speculate is about finding space, it’s the rugged set against the shimmering. The intro is all crackles and pads, setting the scene for the rugged element to take centre stage in a typical Metalheadz style, break edits move with strings adding drama, a great moment for Friske.
* Autumn
Autumn is psychedelic funk- it contains elements that don’t normally interplay with one another to create altogether new beauty. Autumn contains bass pulses, huge reverbs, sampled loops- it’s J Dilla x Goldie for 2014.
* Dark Venture
This one is straight down the line dancefloor funk, the space between half time drums and full 170 funk, it again holds that sense of Friske drama. Wrapping up a huge 3 tracker from the MethXX crew member.

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