Friske | Covert / Venture | Metalheadz XX | Methxx03 | ID284

Friske | Covert / Venture | Metalheadz XX | Methxx03 | ID284


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After the storming success of Fractures outing on METHXX02 Friske quickly follows up with both tracks Covert & Venture on METHXX03.
Covert kicks things off with a deep excursion that cleverly steps its way through the unknown, a precise juxtaposition of effects and haunting stabs that swell in balanced unison throughout an ever-evolving arrangement. The A side is nothing short of the highest calibre of drum and bass music and the perfect addition to the METHXX catalogue.
The flipside sees Friske bring some smoother vibes to the forefront with Venture. The B Side cleverly meanders with effortless ease through intricate melodies against a backdrop of smooth evolving pads, creating the perfect canvas for the foreground of perfectly weighted drums and exactly the right weight of B-line bounce to keep things moving.
Overall the whole 12” exemplifies Friske’s highly accomplished production prowess with a release that has the Metalheadz signature stamped all over it and once again all finished off in the hugely desirable and collectable METHXX packaging.
Another stunning Metalheadz Ltd outing for 2013 and another slice of Metalheadz Future History.

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