Dom & Roland | Dubs from the Dungeons 2 | Dom & Roland Productions | DDD02T | ID864

Dom & Roland | Dubs from the Dungeons 2 | Dom & Roland Productions | DDD02T | ID864


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Dom & Roland’s Label has gone from strength to strength from its conception in 2006. Featuring collaborations by Dom with other Artists such as Noisia, Hive and Amon Tobin the label has continued to push sonic boundaries whilst staying true to it’s ethos of “not selling out”.

The Trap:
The only “DAT” Master copy of this track was lost 20 years ago in 1997 somewhere between Dom’s Studio and Music House in Holloway Road. Dom has been searching for this holy grail of “Amen choppage” since, the only reference to it a crusty recording of a Grooverider show from 1998. At various points there have been glimmers of hope of the wearabouts of the track in its entirety, with much excitement from avid followers who have given “The Trap” a status akin to a cult classic film. Many years, rifled sheds, boxes and lofts later, the breakthrough everyone is waiting for happens. It is Christmas 2016 and a subversive character from Australia sends in the full original quality version, recorded from DAT tape, to Dom & Roland Productions HQ. After a full going over in Dom’s lab and a wonderful new mastering job by beau at 1087 the amen legend known only as “The Trap” is ready to be unleashed.

Depending on who you ask the dubplate of this track from 1996 was called Dark Skies or The Swarm. One of the first tracks to feature Dom’s reworked alternating clean and distorted “flow break” which later went on to become a layer in Dom’s famous “Tramen” break. Swarm features the switch from light to dark Dom has become famous for. Featuring one of the largest Mentasm basses ever cut on a record alongside the “Subway” Thump bass that Dom later used when producing the “Ed Rush Hit Record” of the same name. It has remained an exclusive gem in Dom’s vaults until now. Originally only cut on plate by the A List of Metalheadz Blue Note, this blueprint of bass is finally seeing a release this year.

A. The Trap
AA. Swarm

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