DLR ft Mako | Your Mind | Metalheadz | Meta017 | ID407

DLR ft Mako | Your Mind | Metalheadz | Meta017 | ID407


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DLR makes his mark on Metalheadz with four track EP that includes one bonus track. The producer invites Mako and Rider Shafique along for the journey and in-turn the EP sounds like one of his most accomplished and varied releases to date.
* Your Mind Feat Mako
There are many adjectives we could use to describe this track, however it does need to be heard to be understood. You can try and emulate the classic Headz sound but the best way to approach the gauntlet thrown down by Goldie is to put your own spin on it, after all the purpose of history is to learn from it, not to repeat it.
* 10 Steps
Almost quite far eastern in its textures, the beauty is soon replaced by 3am at Fabric energy brought to you by mid-range fizz and stepping drums, 10 steps add another element of personality to proceedings
* Sense Of Waiting
This track may well be the most straight up dancefloor track on the EP. A DJ’s dream in that it just rolls and rolls and will suit most tastes as its techy enough to hold its own in that arena aswell as having enough interesting elements to keep it fresh throughout its course
* Seek Knowledge Feat Mako and Rider Shafique
Rider comes with the goods on this halftime dub work out from DLR and Mako. A silent killer as it lures you into a false sense of security before envelopes you into huge bass and textures come at you from all angles. DLR, Mako and Rider push themselves to new heights on this.

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