Break | Simpler Times Sampler 2 | Symmetry Rec | SymmLP004S2 | ID609

Break | Simpler Times Sampler 2 | Symmetry Rec | SymmLP004S2 | ID609


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Following on from strong support of the first sampler, Break teams up with legendary vocalist Singing Fats for this second taste of the Simpler Times album.
An upbeat summery reggae intro laced with soulful and conscious vocals from Fats leads you into a devastating and heavyweight drop. Jungle inspired drum break switches and massive sub bass tones deliver full impact; as the catchy Fats vocal states “It’s the bass that’s driving you crazy”. The dub version exclusive to Digital Download extends the moreish reggae intro to a full laid back dub groove.
The flip side is a fresh solo cut from Break. An uplifting synth and piano hook in the intro builds the pressure for a full on gritty and stepping drop. Tough live but studio refined beats lash down congealed with an almost over the top amount of distorted pumping bass. Punchy tom drum fills whip you back in for another time around. This one’s a definite club stomper.

This exclusive B side will not be included on the full album.

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