Bachelors Of Science | The Space Between | Code Rec | CoderLP003 | ID551

Bachelors Of Science | The Space Between | Code Rec | CoderLP003 | ID551


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Few artists to emerge from North America’s drum & bass culture have made such a significant or enduring impact as San Francisco trio Bachelors of Science. Formed in 2005, group has spent the better part of a decade writing memorable music, carving out an unmistakable signature sound that spans the full emotional scope of the genre. Two full length albums and numerous memorable releases on some of drum & bass’s finest labels had already secured Bachelors of Science’s spot amongst North American D&B’s elder statesmen when the group founded Code Recordings in 2012 – a label dedicated to honing the Bachelors’ own sound as well as the scene’s finest up and coming talent. Now in 2015, Bachelors of Science is proud to present its third full-length outing and first for Code – The Space Between.

When all is said and done, The Space Between makes for a powerful new mission statement from the group – both for themselves and for their quickly rising Code Recordings imprint. It’s a sentiment shared by many, with support pouring in from heavyweight players like Friction, LTJ Bukem, Utah Jazz, Random Movement, and S.P.Y.

LTJ Bukem [Good Looking Records] “Well constructed album showcasing the great talents of the trio”!





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