Adam F | Circles Remix (etched edition) | Section5 | Section011R1 | ID30

Adam F | Circles Remix (etched edition) | Section5 | Section011R1 | ID30


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This is the VIP Circles remix by Adam F wich never got released as an official single.
Circles is in our humble opinion the only true Drum and Bass track wich combines ALL the right ingredients such as Jazz & Funk (where the intro got sampled from: Bob James’s “Westchester Lady” track), furthermore a couple of samples got used (or re-played) from Tameka Starr’s “Going in Circles” (on the “Let Go” vocal) and part of the drums got sampled from: Kurtis Blow’s “Do the Do”. Circles uses smooth deep synths and luscious breaks accompanied by MC Conrad’s vocal lyrics (original “idea” taken from: Blackstreet’s “Physical Thing”) is all you need and want.

This particular release is has an ultra rare one sided track + one side includes an etched “Section5” logo released as a promo copy only wich was sent to a select few of key dnb dj’s back in the day as a special dubplate. Rumours are that every Drum and Bass distributor/shop got only one copy each…

Record / track condition:
Very Good + condition, single sided track version, flipside has the cool Section5 logo etched in the vinyl, sleeve comes as a clear polybag.

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