A-Sides | Fours ep | Sun And Bass Recordings | SAB012 | ID1199

A-Sides | Fours ep | Sun And Bass Recordings | SAB012 | ID1199


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this particular release isn’t only working as a showcase of A Sides’ undisputed prowess in the studio and his versatile musical nature, but as an urgent reminder why you fell in love with this music – and the annual SUNANDBASS festival on Sardinia that sees its 17th edition this year – in the first place: massive basslines, delicate melodies, skilled programming and a hi-def production form an entity with blustering impact. Add MC Fats’ unique, soothing vocal style to this list, and you know you’re in for a musical treat you simply can’t get enough of.

“Being drafted in to do this project was something special for me, as I hold my SUNANDBASS memories close to my heart. When I created this EP I wanted to use these festival experiences as forms of inspiration, which enabled me to experiment in different sub genres of drum & bass. “Arctic“ is very deep, emotional and rather special as I also feature MC Fats on vocals. “Follower“ is more of a reggae influence roller, “Need“ is liquid funk inspired by house music, and “Conscious Dub“ leans heavily on my dub/reggae influences“.

“Fours EP“ is serving up a stunning investigation of state of the art drum and bass and beyond, which comfortably sits between the angular and the alluring. Floor-filling guaranteed.

Releasedate: 27-03-2020

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A1. Arctic ft MC Fats
A2. Follower
AA1. Need
AA2. Conscious Dub

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