Tempo represents a mix of Breakbeats & Jungle & Drum and Bass with sub genres such as: Liquid, Intelligent, Hardstep, Jungle, Ragga, Neuro & Dub influenced rollers. Furthermore we also pay attention to the classic Drum and Bass tracks…with other words you get the full beats spectre at Tempo!

Tempo resident Fusion has a long history in organising drum and bass events and after 9 years of organising the monthly Diffusion events (Hollands longest monthly dnb event) he set up the new Tempo concept in January 2009.

Artists who contributed to Tempo (& Diffusion in the past): Fabio (UK), Digital (UK), Klute (UK), Source Direct (UK), DJ Fierce (UK), Ant TC1 (UK), Pennygiles (UK), Aphrodite (UK) , A-Sides (UK), Lenzman, Nymfo, Icicle, Martyn, 2562, Fre4knc, Croms, Proxima, Black Sun Empire, June Miller, Switch, Bong-Ra, One87 (BE), Wontime (BE), Murdock (BE), Etnik (BE), Mike Engine, Adi-J, Nubian, L-Dopa, Mack, Mindmapper, Dreazz, Mike Redman, Dvirus, MSC, Pressure, Flanagan, Silvaphonk, Basic Bass Crew, Noble, Druid, Scarr, Syze, Chris Harmonix, El Maria, Sektor, A-Flex, Marinoz, Regz, Thrasher, Shanodin, Cerberus, Piro, Nicon, C.B., Shellshock, Phors, Noleh and too many others to mention. And of course our friends: Baxter Priestly, Deepflow, Denny D, kevsteRRR, Kapital, Mark (Renko), Junglefever, Kickmansch, Nels, Drum Origins, Pamb, Harsh, Jambossa, CO2RO, Symbion, MC Dart.

Fusion & kevsteRRR.

Demo Policy
send us your mix using the DropBox, but please no mp3′s or wav’s to our Tempo inbox!

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