Diffusion at Bootleg 26/06/2008


June 26TH 2008
Diffusion | Bootlegdjcafe

20:00 – 23.00 *SAE Workshop!
23.00 – 00.00 June Miller (Deadly Rhythms)
00.00 – 01.00 Druid b2b El Maria (Utreg Massive)
01.00 – 02.00 Paludal (Utreg Massive)
02.00 – 06.00 Diffusion Residents

Artist Info

June Miller
After a few years working together with & playing in bands, Bart & Mark finally found and feel in love with the Drum and Bass vibes after Mark’s move from the UK to NL.

After a few trips to parties in Utrecht in 2006 they where hooked and continued their search for bigger and better things. After the purchase of turntables and a few records they we’re rolling! In the quest to keep learning and delving, they found there two different styles but same
direction kicked out some deep vibes from the studio. Still total novices to the game after only sitting behind logic from late 2007, there wiliness took off, taking on a fortnightly radio show with El Maria on and being nominated for the best up & coming act @ the DNB Awards 2007. Deadly Rhythms Website

Check June Miller Mix Here!


01. June Miller & El Maria | Ninja 748 | dub
02. Break & Hydro | Deliverence | DNAudio
03. Cubik | Thelema VIP | Flight
04. Icicle & Spinor | The Omega Point | dub
05. June Miller | All On Black | dub
06. Madcap & Wilsh | Dirty | Jerona Fruits dub
07. Phuture-T | Singularity | dub
08. Mindmapper | Tricky Tripod | Cylon dub
09. System | Remembrance | Vampire
10. D-Bridge/Break/Fierce/Nico | Galleon | Quarantine
11. Gremlinz | Dollaz & Centz | Play Digital
12. June Miller | Malkovich | dub
13. Benga & Coki | Night (Digital Soundboy Remix) | Tempa
14. June Miller | Cubiley | dub

Utreg Massive
Originally this large crew consists of 15 members but tonight 4 members of the Utreg Massive, DJ’s Druid, El Maria, Illusive and Paludal will share their large record collection & experience to us and they give you the sweetest & freshest DNB beats wich DNB has to offer these days! For more information on this crew please click here!
And here’s some recommended mix wich they recorded in 2006, if you want to know what they play in 2008 please get off your lazy butt and visit us tonight!
Utreg Massive Promo Mix 2006